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Training through Gamification

Gamification has become a major buzzword in consulting yet it is a powerful buzzword because of the value it delivers to clients who are seeking to enhance their level of adoption and sustainment.  Traditional Training within Change Management would understand the audience, develop role based training material and either do a “Train the Trainer” session

Organizational Change Management for Successful Enterprise Social Networking

In the next three years, enterprise social networking tools in the workplace are destined to grow by 350%. By the year 2017 it will be a $3.5 Billion industry just in license and implementation sales. The true value organizations will achieve from these large investments will be by ensuring their people successfully use the tools

What’s your Organizations approach to Training Materials?

When developing a training strategy, we will look to ensuring we cover all knowledge for all individuals so they have the skills and tools to successfully do their new tasks/job.  In an article I posted earlier on a Training Strategy checklist, some folks also asked me “Milan, what is the best way to decide on

Training Strategy Checklist

Are you building a Training strategy?  I have put together common items you should consider to have the most effective training approach.  Hope it helps! Number of training participants Location of the attendees Number of locations to host face to face training Number of virtual training sessions Hardware and Software requirements for training systems Training

Typical Forms of Organizational Resistance to Change

Many times, OCM resources are thrown into a transformation ‘smack-dab’ in the middle of the program.  Instead of starting at the beginning of the project, a lot of enterprises assume OCM/Training is the magic bullet to build user adoption.  Let me burst your bubble, there is no silver bullet (please note my sarcasm).  Projects will