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Look at yourself. That’s the first thing you need to do before you ask someone to help you transform your organization into a creative and innovative entity. Many clients I talk to immediately assume they are personally ‘innovative’ and willing to accept thought provoking ideas. Yet when push comes to shove most stakeholders across an

Changing Culture – Organizations want a new one more than you think…

We know culture dominates the operational and functional aspects of an organization.  Culture does eat strategy for breakfast or lunch or dinner or perhaps an all-day buffet.  Regardless of what type of meal culture eats, there still remains the fact that organizations today face harder than ever hurdles of transforming their workplaces into collaborative and

Top 6 tips for Building your own Organizational Change Management Center of Excellence

I am seeing more and more companies placing importance on ensuring change is successful therefore they are seeking to create an OCM “Center of Excellence” capability within their organizations.  This is a great step towards the growth of the OCM as a workforce and also demonstrates the hard work that Change consultants have been doing

Baby Boomers fall short vs Younger Workers and Social Media

Here’s an interesting statistic by Kelly Services, 51% of employees thought social networking solutions at work disrupt the workplace and of the 51%, 57% believe it can cause personal problems with the job.  Could this be because of the organizational culture that alienates communal thinking and collaboration across silos?  In the same survey, 10% of

3 Most Fundamental Organizational Changes

Do you know the three most typical organizational changes?  Organizations have three fundamental changes they all go through.  A great study by MIT shows us that these fundamental changes are agnostic to the type of organization but also weigh differently in the type of challenges and complexities.  Here are the three fundamental organizational challenges all organizations

Individual Success brings Change Faster – 8 Sayings that Lead to Failure

It seems to always be the case that Change resources are thrown into the mix because of abundant levels of resistance within the organization.  Client executives are saying, “these guys don’t want to change, nobody wants to go behind our vision” etc.  There isn’t any silver bullet to fixing the lack of alignment, consensus and

Organizational Change Management for Successful Enterprise Social Networking

In the next three years, enterprise social networking tools in the workplace are destined to grow by 350%. By the year 2017 it will be a $3.5 Billion industry just in license and implementation sales. The true value organizations will achieve from these large investments will be by ensuring their people successfully use the tools

Organizational Design based Organizational Challenges for Enterprise Social Media

Each organizational type has its own benefits and challenges.  Designs are rooted into the company culture and it is very difficult to change the dynamic of social relationships within a corporate environment.  Which is why Enterprise Social Media has been growing quite a bit.  Buzzword or not, it’s had a prominent growth the past few

Organizational Change Executives should be in the Executive Council

Organizational Change Management executives should be in the boardroom of any company.  If an organization has a mature OCM and Learning capability, it is paramount to have the guidance and coaching from the OCM executive.  Here are my six reasons why it should be required for an OCM executive to be involved with strategic business

Cutting Costs? Don’t cut the Organizational Change Management track!!

Many of us have seen organizations create an OCM capability, be it a Center of Excellence or some type of governing OCM and Training body but then during cost cutting initiatives we tend to see these OCM capabilities dismissed and cut first.  It’s my belief that using OCM as a scape goat to cut costs