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About Milan: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/milandave


Milan is a management consultant Associate Partner in the Organizational Transformation practice at Infosys with 15 years of real world Organizational Change Management experience delivering complex global business transformations, mergers/acquisitions, cultural, policy changes, business and product development. Milan’s profile at a glance:

Organizational Change:

Milan has deep experience for the past 15 years managing global complex organizational change management (OCM) and training programs for business transformations.  Having worked on OCM engagements from Fortune 500 to Government, he has helped ensure employees and customers adopt and sustain the changes.

Operational Excellence:

From working on Chevron’s first global enterprise wide implementation of operational excellence improvement to other Fortune 500 operational transformations, Milan delivers new process efficiency, change and implementation while aligning leadership around the purpose, vision all the while capturing the acceptance of the affected stakeholders.


Rooted with Information Systems, Milan started his career as a web developer and progressed into more advanced web development technologies from backend to front end development.  He is the founder and architect of www.pure.fm, an internet radio, where he designed the infrastructure, front end website, back end system and performed all business development activities.  He has leveraged his expansive Information Systems experience into large ERP implementations, document management, collaboration and custom application implementations.

Employee Experience:

As a leader in the organization, Milan focuses on engaging employees, harnessing talent from across the organization and delivering value to the business.  At Infosys and his past organizations, to engage employees and harness talent, Milan uses transparent communications, individual development plans, collaboration systems and a system of reward so individuals have a delightful and gratifying experience in the workplace.


Milan has developed new offerings in both product and professional services.  He has also ideated on operational improvement activities ranging from sales improvement of pipeline management, inside sales, lead generation and qualification.  He has used Design Thinking principles and Theory-U principles within organizations to harness adoption of new innovative ideas.

Business Development:

Milan has worked on complex opportunities to new market entry opportunities.  He has grown the presence of new and established brands, placed businesses into domains where they can be competitive and sold global deals ranging from consultative services to product sales.  Specific types of opportunities sold range from professional services of Organizational Change Management related to technology, workforce alignment, reorganizations and process changes.  From a product sales perspective, Milan sold enterprise wide portal software and collaboration software.

Milan has worked with a range of clients such as:

  • Various government entities
  • Arizona Public Service
  • Chevron
  • British Petroleum
  • Shell
  • Mustang Engineering
  • Southwest Gas
  • McDermott Engineering
  • Kellogg’s
  • Southern California Edison
  • General Motors
  • Williams Gas
  • UBS
  • TODO1