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Look at yourself. That’s the first thing you need to do before you ask someone to help you transform your organization into a creative and innovative entity. Many clients I talk to immediately assume they are personally ‘innovative’ and willing to accept thought provoking ideas. Yet when push comes to shove most stakeholders across an

Attend the ACMP Conference – Learn more on Change Management

Those of you who are in organizational change management and training should attend the ACMP regional conference in Canada.  There will definitely be talented and experienced OCM practitioners including excellent speakers.  I work with a lot of industry individuals, such as my clients, who want to grow their change management skills and going to a

2016 and What to Expect

Welcome to the year 2016 for Change Rockstars.  As each year passes I ask myself when will we see those fancy gadgets from the movies and TV shows that are depicted in the future?  It’s really just a matter of perception.  We have iPads, iPhones etc from Star Trek, self driving cars from nearly all

Optimal placement for the Organizational Change Management team

Optimal placement for the Organizational Change Management team Organizations will create departments and teams who manage and enable change.  These individuals facilitate the adoption and accountability of change across the organization.  By bringing a standard set of tools, nimble methods and a level of subject matter expertise, a formalized change practice reduces people related issues

Change Log Template

The importance of a Change Log also known in other OCM languages as the “What’s Changing Log” or the “Change Impact Log” or even an “Impact Matrix” is essential to identifying what is changing and how to mitigate those changes.  All of these names provide the same functionality but an extremely important functionality.  I am

Brain Science for Gamification

Why aren’t we using Gamification more within our organizations to sustain change?  Ironically it’s the organizations resistance to change.  Go figure.  Unless the organization is able to see the benefits and value of using a gamification vendor, it will not want to spend the budget needed to integrate game mechanics into enterprise software. What I