Increasing Morale for Operational Change in 6 ways

During large change programs, particularly if the employees are moving from a “good way of working” in which they feel comfortable and happy, there is likely going to be morale issues.  Even though the organizations leadership knows the new way of working will be “great” it undoubtedly will create morale challenges.  This is where having a change platform which revolves around gross roots aka “activist out” mechanisms, inviting stakeholders rather than trying to sell them which builds commitment and lastly make change organic by identifying individual shared interests of the change will all benefit your movement.  All in all, you will still have the major issue of morale.  Here is a list of items to keep you eye on when trying to increase and maintain high morale:

  1. Vision- Make sure your mission and vision is clearly understood.
  2. Unlock your doors – Keep your doors open and unlocked.  Allow for your stakeholders to come in freely.
  3. Activist Out – Are you including others and rallying them to take on a grass roots movement towards adopting the change?  Include those directly and indirectly affected.
  4. Team Cohesion – Maintain a strong team by interacting with them, conducting activities and taking mental breaks from the project.
  5. Say Thank You – Are you showing appreciation to those who are working their butts off?  Particularly show appreciation to your change champions.
  6. Iterative Improvement – What are you doing to improve upon your past activities and engagement?  Don’t just plateau rather keep climbing and improve and get better with each new engagement.

Give those a try on your current or next engagement.  Essentially they should become mantras in your mind for how you engage with all your stakeholders to keep morale high.



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