Different Levels of Change and their Complexities

We all know the transition of change can be very difficult.  In my experience there are varying complexities in the type of change.  The less tangible the change, the more difficult it can be to manage.  Below is my representation of how “complex change” has a direct relationship with the “type of change”.  One can imagine that changing culture is most difficult to manage.  Take a look at how cultural changes are affecting the Middle East.  Their ability to accept Democracy is not as easy as assumed.  However, their ability to accept new technology in the Middle East as part of their every day life is much easier due to it being much more tangible.  If my example didn’t make sense, ask yourself the following….

What do you believe in deeply?  Your religion?  How you raise your children or take care of your elderly parents? These are norms and cultural beliefs.  If asked to change your religion or how you take care of your elderly parents, this can be very difficult.  However if you are required to change your mobile phone, it’s so much more tangible the idea of it changing is much easier.

Have a look at this image.  It’s been derived from my experience and various others that I have worked with.

different levels of change and the complexities


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