“What’s in it for me?” for Collaboration and Enterprise Social Media – 11 questions to answer

Collaboration systems are the “in” thing.  The same way saying the word “cloud” was two years ago.  However, both provide immense levels of value.  Collaboration systems focus on employee engagement especially when here in the U.S, employee engagement at Fortune 500 firms is around 30%.  That means at 70% of employees in U.S firms are “Not-Engaged” or “Actively Disengaged”.  When you go about implementing a collaboration environment, whether it’s Lync, or Teleconference tools or an Enterprise Social Media platform, your individual stakeholders will ask themselves these questions.  Be ready to answer it at a personal and individual level.

Your stakeholders are going to ask themselves these questions.  Do you have answers?

  1. How can I collaborate effectively & feel like I am making a difference ?
  2. How do I share my information?
  3. Am I allowed to share information?
  4. How will I be awarded for sharing information and contributing to discussions?
  5. When do I act?
  6. Who knows what given our organization is so large?
  7. Who can I trust?
  8. How do I find out what’s new?
  9. Where do I start looking for information?
  10. How do I get an update of what is happening?
  11. I am bogged down by email, can I connect the two together?

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